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ayyyyyeeee. when will u b dun with michael green daaaay 1shot

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Nothing Else Matters Calum OneShot
This is my first EVER 5sos Imagine…so sorry if its not all that good!
"Baby I’m home," I say; puzzled that you weren’t there waiting for me. 
"(Y/n)" I yell out your name, throwing my keys on the table by the door and taking my coat off.
 I throw the coat on the back if the couch and notice you sitting on the window seat, staring out into the lights of the city. 
"You okay love," I ask puzzled. You seemed out of it almost as if you were in a trance. 
"Baby what’s wrong?," You turn your head and I notice you’d been crying; your face tear stained and red, eyes puffy . 
"You know what’s wrong Calum," your voice pierced through me like a knife, making my stomach drop. 
"(Y/n), baby, what are you talking about?," I ask confused and you just shake your head a smile forming on your face and a laugh of disgust piercing from your lips.
You get up,  throwing something at me as you walk past me. 
"Don’t play dumb with me," you say before slamming the bedroom door. 
I look down and see what you were looking at and it felt as if my heart had stopped beating.
"(Y/n) this isn’t what it looks like," I yell running to our bedroom door. 
"Calum don’t try that shit with me," you yell I could hear drawers opening and my whole life coming to an end 
"Please just let me explain dammit!" I scream but it only came out as a whine. 
I get so aggravated that i punch the wall by the door.  
"Fuck," I cry out my hand throbbing. 
I look up to see you standing in front of me your face stricken of emotion.
"Please (y/n)," I cry and you get out of the way. 
I go sit on our bed and you close the door behind you putting your body against it, you always liked to make yourself look more badass than you were. 
"Look, the girl in the picture is a fan okay she was at the album signing and as I went to kiss her cheek she turned and I couldn’t pull away fast enough! you know I’d never cheat on you, I fucking love you more than anything in this world (y/n)!," You looked pissed, more pissed than I’ve ever seen you before. 
You walk over to me and push me down on the bed roughly. 
"Let me see your hand" you say blankly, I couldn’t tell what you were feeling, and thats what scared me the most 
I give you my hand and you caress it gently, a small frown forming across your hardened face. 
"I want to believe you Cal I do I just…" you say a tear falling fromyour eye. 
I bring my good hand to your face and you sigh into it.
"If you can’t believe that…than believe this," I say before smashing my lips to yours bringing you down on top of me. 
You hesitate at first but give in your body melting Into mine like it always does.
"I love you (y/n)…only you," I say before flipping us around, the pain in my hand subsiding from the adrenaline. 
You pull me down on top of you our lips sloppily kissing at each other, our bodies hungry for the other. 
You sigh slightly as I kiss your neck, sucking ever so gently on your sweet spot. 
I remove your tanktop and bite at the skin above your bra, leaving a mark sure to be there in the morning. 
"Let me show you how much I love you (y/n)," I whisper unclasing your bra, letting your breasts free. 
I take a nipple into my teeth, biting down gently making you buck your hips up into me making me harder. 
I do the same to the other than kiss down your stomach stoping at the strings of your shorts. 
"Your so beautiful (y/n)," I say pulling your shorts and underwear off in one swoop. 
I strip down as well and you lick your lips at my erection making me chuckle lightly. 
Always eager.
"Let me make you feel good," I whisper in your ear making you shiver. 
You open your legs without command and I smile lining myself up to your entrance. 
I enter slowly making you gasp out with pleasure, your hands grabbing on the bedsheets. 
I enter deeper with every thrust letting you feel me as much as I felt you. 
"Faster cal," you sigh breathlessly and I obey grabbing your hands and pinning them above your head intertwining them with mine as I go faster the headboard hitting the wall with each pleasuring thrust. 
"Shit" I groan as I watch your face fill with pleasure your eyes closing as you come to your climax. 
"Calum" you scream as it hits your walls contracting around me making me climax as well. 
I thrust a few more times then gently pull out laying beside you and pulling you into my arms. 
"I’m so sorry (y/n)," I say pulling your hair out of your face and kissing your temple. 
"Don’t be," you smile then look down at my hand and scrunch your nose. 
"We might want to fix that up," you laugh and I smile as you get up and walk to the bathroom. 
I am happy as long as you’re happy and for me that’s all that matters…
This is some kinky stuff☺️ Idk why I find this funny? Keep it up. Your doing great👍

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So like, its super rainy where I live and was wondering if you could write a one shot about staying in with Calum, eating pizza, watching Netflix and cuddling then turn up the heat with some sweet, descriptive lovemaking


These last couple of days have been really busy and I haven’t really been active so tomorrow, I’ll be doing the same thing for you guys as I am my one direction blog. I’ll be posting ALOT of things tomorrow to keep you guys preoccupied while I have family things for basically the whole weekend. I hope it’s okay and I’m sorry I haven’t been active here, it’ll change :)

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