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     It was a cold and stormy night, lying in bed listening to the rough rain that falls. I get up and look out my window and picturing what song my baby would be singing on tour now and if he were singing about me. These couple of months have been the hardest on us I know its not his fault that it’s what he wanted to do and that he is following his dreams, I’m just no used to not seeing his face everyday.

     I walk away from my window and get back into bed. my hand running over the sheets, where Michael used to sleep and close my eyes, picturing what we used do together, Michael singing to me when it was hard for me to sleep on nights like this. I was on the edge of falling asleep till I heard my message tone, I looked at the bright light on my screen to see it was from Michael. “hey babe, I’ve got a surprise for you open the door.” I pulled my blankets off and ran downstairs to the front door, looking at the floor expecting a package. I look up and see a tall, familiar silhouette staring back at me, it was Michael standing at the front door. 

     I jumped on him throwing my arms around his neck, my fingers intertwined in his perfectly styled purple hair, wrapping my legs tightly around his slim waist, his hands perfectly falling on my lower back ,my face in the crook of his neck smelling his familiar smell that I hadn’t smelt in a while, tears building up as I stare deeply in his green eyes. 
I continued hugging him tightly as if it was my last moments of seeing him “I know it’s been a while babe, but can we continue this inside where it’s not raining.” I giggle as I lead him inside, I look up where our eyes met, he looked down touching the side of my face, wiping away my tears with his thumb, gripping my chin with his strong hand lifting my chin up as he placed his perfectly, plump, pink lips on mine, our mouths interlocking sharing a passionate kiss.

     I break our kiss and grab him by the hand, racing upstairs to our bedroom, my heart racing and my centre dripping, I had been waiting for 2 months patiently for this to happen and now I excitedly knowing what’s going to happen next. We get to our bedroom and I close the door behind us, Michael lifts me up pushing me against the wall, our passionate kiss turning into a heated make out session, grinding his eager boner into my dripping centre, his strong hands placed and gripped tightly over my ass as I moan into his mouth. My hands falling down his strong broad shoulders to the button on his red plaid shirt, practically ripping it off his chest running my fingers down his perfect pale physique, he throws me down on the bed roughly, grinding his hips into mine, his lips finding my sweet spot on my neck causing me to moan loudly,

     I feel him smirk against my neck, his hands sneakily finding there way under my shirt as he cups my breasts, I sit up and take it off fast not wasting any time, he crawls back on top of me his hand cupping my right breast as he was licking and sucking at my nipple on my left causing both my nipples to go hard, kissing wetly against my soft of my stomach till he got the edge of my waist band of my shorts, sucking harshly on my hip making me shiver,causing me to arch and roll my hips against his tongue, he hooked his fingers on the waistband of my shorts and strips them off.

     He starts kissing lightly in my inner thighs making me vulnerable for his tongue on my pulsating clit, he kisses me ever so slow “please baby stop teasing” he smirks under his breathe and rubs me right where I need him over my soaking, lace panties. He takes my panties off with his teeth, he blows on my centre causing me to shiver, he looks up at me with that devilish grin, “please baby I need you so bad.” he slides his fingers over my slit, making me cry in pleasure, he brushes his thumb over my clit as his long wet tongue laps up my juices, he enters one finger causing me to arch my back as he slides in and out rubbing my g-spot, I tug and pull on his hair as he continues licking and sucking at my clit “Michael”.

     I moan loudly as he enters two more fingers thrusting in me harder and deeper causing my walls to tighten, his other hand wrapped around my thigh to keep me stable I pull at his hair as I’m on my edge he then pulls out his fingers, smirking that smirk at me as if he was happy with what he was doing. “I want my cock to be the reason you cum. 
I get up fast and unbutton his ripped skinny jeans, I lock my fingers around his jeans and rip them off along with his boxers, I rummage through the night stand and get a condom, I rip it open with my teeth and place it over him.

     I push Michael on the bed desperately for him to be in me, I couldn’t wait any longer I needed him now, hovering over his cock he grab his member and aligns it with my entrance, I grab his hands and put them over his head. ” now its my turn.” I smirked, I grab his cock and start hitting it against my clit, and sliding it up and down my slit making him throw his head back. “please ___ I need you so fucking badly” with those last words I placed his massive cock in my throbbing hole, filling me up, my walls stretching around his size, his hand gripping my hips. ” You’re so fucking tight ___” As his hips buckled up, I slammed down causing me to scream his name “ohhh Michael, fuck yes”.

     I start clawing at his chest as I ride him faster, he flips me over and pulls out and starts pumping himself in his hand. “get on all fours” I obey, he rubs his cock over my entrance, hitting it over my swollen clit,I was ready to let go any time soon, he enters me slowly to test my patience, he places his hands back on my hips and thrusts slowly and deep then fast, he continues alternating paces, I throw my head back, “ugh fuck yes Michael, I’m almost there.” “Me too baby.” he takes his right hand and forces me up as his hips thrust deeper in me hitting my spot every time.

     His hand reaches my neck, his other hand rubbing fast circles over my clit “AAAHHH MICHAEL” as my walls start to tighten, he starts sucking on my neck as I could feel my self go “cum for me ____” his warm breathe hitting my neck, causing me to scream his name, and climaxing together. We fall in each others embrace, he places a loose strand of hair behind my skin and says “I love you so much my beautiful girl.” I placed my hand on the side of his face, my thumb grazing over his red cheek, “I love you more my handsome boy.” and fell asleep in each others arms.


5SOS tried to please ALL their fans & let them have fun. it can't be done though cause we all suck ass.

Wait I’m confused how is wearing a mustache and a sombrero pleasing their fans I just what still confused

If anyone knows how to do manips hmu

Luke is still like 16 okay


I refuse to believe anything else

You are beautiful and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! Love your blog:)

Omg I love you thank you ilysm