Happy Easter!(:

can you make an imagine about luke and calum are both hitting on me. My name is Andrea. Thx so much.


Can I have the pic for imagine #13?

Can you make me an imagine with Ashton Where i meet him at one of his concerts! My name is Kayley! Thanks!
Pictures for imagine 17 and 19 please :)


Could i please have an imagine where I go to a 5SOS gig and Michael proposes to me on stage? My name is Emily
Why does it take you so long to write imagines? Not to be rude but I've been following you for a while and I haven't seen anything new for a while. Only 1 imagine is new. What's up with that?

Honestly because I’ve been focusing way to much one one direction so I have to start writing for this blog yeah I know

Hey your blog is beyond perf, I love everything! you're amazing <3 ok bye, peace out girl scout

i think im inlove with you

The Quote

"The Quote That Keep You Guys Together"

You and Calum have been dating for 2 months & 3 weeks.He went on his tour and wasn’t going to come back till a couple months or should i say 4months.He had to leave early which made you upset but, he left you a note saying ~Moring Love I hope these 4months past by soon I love you and miss you already -Calum xxx~

2 months past you decide to go get some Starbucks coffee & you saw your boyfriend on top of cover magazine in cap locks with bold letters. Calum Hood Cheating On His 2 month Girlfriend.
There was a picture with him and some dark brown hair girl you understood why he had Cheated on you.She was beyond beautiful…You grab a magazine and left.  You didn’t feel like crying at the time.


4 months past by Calum is coming home your were happy & upset at the same time remembering the magazine but, when he walked through that door you froze couldn’t move or say anything. He hugged and kissed you.You still standing in place he saw the magazine on the table & said “Whats this bullshit (Y/N)?” Your eyes widened of his respond “Its you and some girl” you said as quiet as you can.

“I’m not dumb (Y/N) I love you but what they said isn’t true it’s just crap” He said while grabbing the front cover & ripping it into small bits.Your eyes were full of anger and he knew it you just ran upstairs and locked your bedroom door.You were sick and tired of everything but one half says to stay and believe. The other says go and be free, you’re better off without him.


Its been an hour since you seen your boyfriends face you opened the door and saw him.His eyes red and puffy his face red like a tomato you can tell he was crying and he can tell you were too.He Said “I’m Sorr-“You cut him off by a kiss & said “Remember our first date what I said?” He Nodded & Said”If you don’t have trust in the one you love one day ill give up if you don’t believe one day ill leave”You nodded & you both forgave each other “Ill make it up to you babe”…